Your safety is important.

The overall safety level of the Dinehome experience is very high. Indeed we verify every single member of the community, but eventually, it depends also on you, guest and host, and the mindfulness you have when meeting new people.
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Trust and respect

Any interaction we have with other humans depends on trust. Meeting with a stranger tests our capacity to trust others to the max. An implicit faith in the rest of the human race - or the majority of them - is what allows us to leave our homes every morning.
It goes without saying that whether you’re a host or a guest, you want reassurances about the safety and quality of the experience. We understand how much security means to all of us, and we take it seriously. Whoever would like to join Dinehome is asked to fill in an application form to provide us with the information which is essential for the verification process. This way we make sure you get to know a bit about the guest and what you can expect. If we are not sure about an applicant, we ask him/ her for additional information. All members go through a verification process where they are asked to provide their personal information, such as email address, phone number and others. The information we require is indicated in the registration forms. The more information we receive from you, the easier it will be for us to verify you. Also, we conduct short video interviews via WhatsApp on a sample.
We encourage all Dinehome members to help each other by sharing their experience and posting their feedbacks on our Facebook Page.

Your Data.
Your Privacy.

Our website is securely encrypted using the HTTPS Internet protocol and don’t worry, we won’t misuse your information, nor share it with others. It is used as verification of you as a member and is given to your matching members AFTER the combination has been made, in order to arrange DIRECT contact between you and the other member. Dinehome never shares your personal information with third-party advertisers.
Dinehome protegge i tuoi dati
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We expect Dinehome members to be honest and aware of their responsibilities both as guests and hosts. In any case, please stick to necessary safety precautions when meeting a host family/student for the first time:
- If you have arranged a meeting with another member, make sure to contact them by phone or webcam beforehand.

- Inform a close friend or relative about your plans and where you are going.
Remember though, Dinehome is not an agency. We enable you to find host families/host students. It is up to you to make contact, to introduce yourselves with an e-mail and to organise your dinners. Any arrangement you make is entirely and solely between you and the other member. Dinehome just facilitates initial contact between the international student and the host family.

Should you need more information, please contact the Dinehome team.

Our commitment

Members should be respectful of the host‘s property and personal space. Customs and lifestyle preferences may be different from your own and the Dinehome programme can be an opportunity to see the world from a new perspective. The mutual trust arrangement between students and families generally works very well since there is a mutual interest.
To help make safe and trustworthy experiences, we follow three essential steps:
1. Quality check by Dinehome
Once a host signs up on our website, we perform a thorough examination. We verify primary information, such as name, address, social profiles, phone number, ID. Each member signs in with their real name, just like in person.

2. Video interviews
We conduct short video interviews via WhatsApp on a sample.

3. Review system
Every member gets the opportunity to review his/her experience. When lots of members post lots of positive reviews, you can be more confident you can trust us and the experience we offer.
studentessa universitaria internazionale con famiglia italianaInternational student with dinehome host family
Consigli su come essere sicuri

Safety Guidelines & Tips

To make sure you have the best possible experience with your host/guest, get started by reading  these simple tips about setting up your dinners and interacting with your future hosts/guest. Although we do our best to keep security and quality, unfortunately, SCAMs can be very devious and avoid the screening. Please be aware that Dinehome has no control over the identity or actions of the individuals who become members of this Website. We encourage you to browse additional safety resources as well, and to review the terms of service.


After a match is completed, both students and hosts will be reminded to rate and review their experience. Be honest and descriptive when writing your review - everyone appreciates a sincere and helpful opinion. We are always happy to hear your suggestions! We welcome your feedback and pictures about your experience since it is critical for helping Dinehome to grow as a credible and trustworthy community.
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Need Help?

Please contact us if you happen to experience any trouble or have any questions about your dinner before, during or even after it. If you have a poor experience with a member, Dinehome will get in touch with both guest and host to get to the bottom of the situation to find a solution together. We are always ready to help.
Contact Dinehome by email: