Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I change my host family every week?

This is not the idea. The Dine Home project prefers continuity: the host family concept is based on the fact that is always the same family or the same student. In this way, a good relationship can arise and the student will feel part of the family as well as the family will consider the student a son/daughter.

What if we do not feel comfortable the first time?

It can happen that ther is no feeling. However, we suggest to try at least a second time, to verify that indeed is a wrong match. If you dont like the dine home experience, let us know. If you like the dine home experience, but you think that it could be lived better with a different family/student, you are allowed to change the family or student, respectively. It is important to be sencere from the beginning, in order to avoid unconfortable situations for both sides

How do I reach the host family house? What if they live far away from the city centre?

The student will reach the host family house by his or her own (on foot, by bus, by bike, ecc). in the case in which the family lives outside the city area, and the house is not reachable but by car, i twill be the same family to provide a ride to the student. 

Do I have to bring something to the family?

No, you are not required to bring anything nor contribute to the dinner in any way. However, if it is your desire to bring something, like a cake or something like that, you can, but do not feel obliged. 

Can I go with a friend?

This is not the idea. Dine Home is a personal experience, so it is not ammitted to go with a friend.

What if I have a particular diet? Celiac disease or vegetarian/vegan?

It is important to let us know when registering, in order to find a family that has no problems in preparing food according with the diet. 

Do we have to cook only typic food?

You are invited to cook as it were a normal dinner. Obviously, having a host, you are invited to prepare something good and somehow special, but of course not tortellini and lasagne every time, a pasta meal would be more than appreciated. 

We live in the province of Bologna, do you think we are too far away?

International students stay in the center of Bologna. So the out of city area is quite out of reach for them. However if there is a reliable and fast public transport link with the center you can do the exchange.

Does the weekly dinner have to fall on the same day or from time to time can you change it?

The weekly dinner day can be agreed upon with the family each time and in case of unforeseen the dinner can be postponed. It is not a problem if some days you will be not available, just make the family know it in advance and maybe postpone the dinner later that week. We always invite you to keep dinners with continuity. We let families and students organize themselves independently for dinners so that they can meet each other's needs.

Does the host family have additional costs to Dine Home?

Dine Home is a totally free service and the only cost for the family is to add one more plate to the table once a week.

Can we choose the student's nationality?

During registration you can indicate the preference of the student's nationality.

How do I change my preferences?

To change your preferences just email us at hello@dinehome.it

Do you verify the host families? Which information do you require?

Yes, we do verify our families. The information we require is the one indicated in the relative registration form. In the case of families (https://www.dinehome.it/en/families) we receive the following information: Name, Surname, Date of birth, Gender, Nationality, E-mail, Mobile number, Street address, City, Language and Preference day. In addition, video interviews are conducted via Whatsapp on a sample.

How do I contact the host family?

You can get in touch with the host family by the email and whatsapp number we provide to you.