Become a dinner-once-a-week host family.
In Bologna and Milano!

DineHome is a cultural exchange program that offers families all the advantages of hosting without over burdening the family equilibria.

DineHome allows you to have dinner once a week with an international university student. DineHome suits all those who want to give their families new cultural horizons without moving from home.

A new  exciting experience for the whole family.

DineHome allows you to have dinner once a week with an international university student.
DineHome suits all those who want to give their families new cultural horizons without moving from home.
DineHome has no additional cost but for setting another place at the table once a week.

Being a host family is a precious opportunity to live a unique, enjoyable, fun and educational experience altogether.

Hosting is something that engages the whole family in unison and it must be therefore a shared decision. We ask you, as a host family, to share your culture, your habits and customs with your exchange students to show them what Italy is.

Engage your kids in a unique experience.

With DineHome, all family members, especially children, can practice their English, Spanish, French, etc. and meet people from all over the world.

Through this cultural exchange your children will have the opportunity to discover new horizons, while you, as parents, will have the opportunity to discover curiosity from around the world and get to know new points of view.

Your family will be a reflection of Italy to the eyes of the student: it is a way to make our national habits and your domestic tradition (culinary and otherwise) known. When the students will go back to their home country and will talk about Italy, the will think about you, their host family!

How does it work?

Being a DineHome host family consists in having dinner with an international student once a week.

The dinner is held at the host family house in order to welcome the student to an Italian home and bring him/her closer to our culture.
The dinner is kindly offered by the host family You are going to host the same student every week.

The student-family match is fixed in order to getting to know each other better week by week and make friends.
The idea is to have at least ten dinners together, so meeting for about two months and a half.
To participate you just have to sign up filling the application form, to let us know your preferences (language, day of the week, etc.)

Registrazione Dine Home - Host family
Be assigned to your best match
Let the adventure begin

Read our stories

DineHome has been active in bologna for many years.
Read the stories of families who already enjoyed the DineHome experience.


Personally, the best thing I got from this was the family connections and friendships I have with my host family that I know will last a long time!

Host mom

When I discovered about this project I talked about that at home. My eldest sons liked the idea immediately, to them it was like going out of home and discover new things.


The best experience that a student can gain from the Dine Home program is the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with someone who they would never meet otherwise.


What to expect

The students seeking the DineHome experience want to discover and grow up by opening themselves to new values.
Our students’ age is between 20 and 30 years old and they come from very many countries: Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Argentina, Japan, Turkey and many more.

Practice your second language with native speakers
Rediscover and share your own culture
Help your kids to learn and grow
Introduce your kids to new realities
Make friends from all over the world

Can’t wait to have you in our community

To participate you just have to sign up filling the application form below.
- singles cannot participate!
The service is exclusive for families with or without children -

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