The University of Bologna to be deemed the most beautiful by the THE magazine

January 2, 2019

most beautiful universities in Europe
The University of Bologna in Italy is regarded as the world’s oldest university, having been founded in 1088. As well as being the oldest continually running university, it is a strong contender as not just one of the most beautiful universities in Europe but perhaps even in the world. I know. Bold claim. Pictured below is the Palazzo Poggi, one of the main buildings of the university that houses three of the university’s museums with exhibitions on natural history, anatomy and obstetrics, and physics and chemistry. There are many buildings within the university that you should put on your must-visit list, including the Collegio di Spagna, a pink, cloistered building incorporating both Gothic and Renaissance elements in its design. As well as the exquisite architecture, the university is home to a 2 hectare botanical garden. 

Source: Times Higher Education, January 22, 2018