The experience of Mercedes, an Italian host mom.

January 2, 2019
We randomly found out about Dinehome on Facebook at the end of the summer and from the very first moment I was excited about the idea of it!

We’ve been participating to “Scambiocasa” for two years and we love meeting with cultures and opinions of different people from all over the world, so we just loved the perspective of having a foreign student over for dinner once a week.

This is how we met with an adorable British girl that regularly came over for dinner for the past months and still does.  I make no secret of the fact that we did it to improve our English, but surely it is great to meet a young person from abroad.

We talk about anything together, we talk about the English habits as well as Queen Elisabeth, Kate and William and their habits.

I try to vary the menu in order to make her taste the countless culinary delights of Emilia Romagna and she seems to really appreciate, although I’m not an extraordinary cook.

Also, we are thinking about visiting Fico altogether! I do not recall any embarrassing moment, only sometimes when our two cats run like crazy around the house I can see the amused face of Arabella in front of the feline madness!  Dinehome is an experience that we would like to repeat in the future for sure, maybe next year with an American student (sadly, Arabella will go back to England).