Erasmus+: the University of Bologna ranked first among Italian universities.

January 2, 2019

The National Agency Erasmus+ INDIRE report reveals the Alma Mater is the first Italian university by number of students that participate in exchange programs, both inbound and outbound.

The university of bologna ranked first among Italian universities that offer to students exchange programs to have a training program abroad. This is certified by the results of the first evaluation of the Erasmus+ program, realized by the Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+ INDIRE. The report data ranked the Alma mater first not only for outbound students but also for inbound ones.

According to alma mater data of 2015, the outbound students of the university of bologna participating to exchange programs abroad were 2458, while the inbound ones, coming from more than 130 countries, were 2468.

From the INDIRE report emerges the growing will of students, professors and interns to do an educational experience abroad: studying and working periods that are, nowadays, an important business card for a better occupational future. In particular, mobility scholarships allowed almost 58000 Italian students to leave (650000 in Europe), with a 92,8 million euro financial commitment. In this ambit, Italy is only second to Turkey by number of candidacies presented.

After the University if bologna, among Italian universities by number of outbound students, we find: the University of Padua, the Sapienza of Rome, the university of Torino and the University of Milan. For what concerns inbound students that come to Italy to do the Erasmus+ program, after the alma mater, the Italian university that host more students are: the Sapienza of Rome, the university of Florence, the Politecnico of Milan and the University of Padua.


From: Unibo Magazine, January 27th, 2016