Dinehome experience of Ellie

January 15, 2019

Why Italy and why Bologna for your international studies?

I study Italian because I have always been interested by its rich history, the art and the good food. I chose to come to Bologna because it's known for having a lot of students and is also well connected to other cities such as Florence and Venice which was great for a student of history of art.

Why you decided to do the DineHome project while here?

I decided to do the Dinehome project because I wanted to experience some authentic culture. I also wanted to improve my Italian as I was living with other Erasmus students and so i was speaking English quite a lot!

According to your experience, what do you think is the best thing a student can get from the Dinehome experience?

The Dinehome experience gives so much more than just a great cultural experience. It was amazing and I would thoroughly recommend it to others. Not only was it a great chance to speak some Italian but I also met a wonderful and welcoming family. They introduced me to some delicious new foods and were always very kind and friendly. They also had two really cute dogs which was fab as I love animals and missed my pets from home! It really is an amazing chance to experience Italian culture and to meet some lovely new people.

Would you like to share with us the most embarrassing moment?

There were many times at the start when my Italian wasn't really good enough to understand what was happening. But Jacopo (the eldest son) had very good English and was always there to help out. Also one evening i'm pretty sure I said a bad word but I don't know what I said; one of the girls started laughing even though i hadn't told a joke though hmmm hahah.

The best dinner and night with your host family?

For one evening we went to eat Tigelle (sort of little round flat bread things which you put different fillings into) because it was the Dad's favourite food. It was near Christmas time and there were lots of fairy lights up at the shopping centre we were near to. It was a really wonderful evening.