Dinehome experience of Desara

January 15, 2019

Why Italy and why Bologna for your international studies?
Italy is the place where every student can find everything that he wants: starting from the people who are very friendly, continuing with the opportunities that can be offered such as the educational system, art, culture, and the ancient history of its civilization. I chose to study here because, as everyone knows, Unibo is the first Law Faculty in the world. Before coming to Bologna I have done some online searches about what could I expect. I was eager to be part of the student inspirational environment it offers. And since the beginning, everything was like I had imagined and I felt a very special connection with this historic city.

Why did you decide to do the Dinehome project while here?
I remember that I applied for the Dinehome program when I was still studying in Albania and I thought that it would be the perfect idea to start the journey of this cultural exchange.
Who can better know with Bologna than a bolognaise family?

According to your experience, what do you think is the best thing a student can get from the Dinehome experience?
Absolutely that the best thing a student can get from this experience is to create a family in a country where he/she thought he would be a stranger.

Would you like to share with us the most embarrassing moment?
Well, in fact, everything went well except one Friday. A few hours before I used to go to Viglino’s home, their daughter, Victoria, wrote to me if I could come "tomorrow" in the evening. A bit unusual, because we had never changed the dinner’s day, but I thought it might be normal and the family would have been busy so I answered positively to message.
Around 30 minutes after the dinner was supposed to start, Daniela asked me where I was.
I replied that I was with some of my friends. After a few moments, she wrote me again to explain that Victoria had mixed up the word "tonight" with "tomorrow". Above all, I could not go because I was about an hour away from their home and it will not have been a proper time for dinner.
When I went there they had cooked for a second time the missed Friday dinner with grigliata di carne e verdure and torta tenerina al cioccolato. (Mmmmm!)

The best dinner and night with your host family?
Oh, difficult question! In fact, every dinner in Viglino’s family was special. Mom Daniela each Friday has been carefully looked after for cooking and table decoration, but maybe I can say that the first night was kind of more special. I arrived in Bologna in February and when I received the email from Mom Daniela I was in the first days of my stay in this city. As you can imagine, I was a little stressed out of from all the things that I had to do in these days. During this period I had only eaten supermarket meals.
Meeting with the parents, two little girls Victoria and Kostanza, their poppies Iron & Mia for me was a wonderful feeling. Their house was carefully decorated by Mom Daniela and at the table of that evening I have eaten for the first time delicious Bolognese food and above all, cooked at home: macaroni al ragù, lemon scaloppine, tomato gratinate and bigné alla crema.

They have been the first to have recommended and advised me without hesitation in the best way for my further experience in Bologna and for my travels to other Italian cities.
Also, the parents have accompanied personally each dinner at home. Their care as if I was a girl of this family is one of the things that I will remember forever and that I will be grateful for.