Dinehome Experience of Andrew, an American student.

January 2, 2019

Andrew, 24, USA


Why Italy and why Bologna for your international studies?

Italy has always held a special place in my heart. Since I was young eating gnocchi at my nonnas house and enjoying seven fishes for Christmas Eve, I have always been extraordinarily fascinated by the Italian language and culture. I began studying Italian in high school and continued into college. Bologna just happened to be the place our school had a program. I couldn't have asked for a better city to call home during my semester in Italy.


Why you decided to do the Dinehome project while here?

I decided to participate in the Dinehome experience because I knew that to appropriately grasp even the slightest understanding of a culture, I would need to get to know people native to the land. Dining with an Italian family was an excellent way to do so.


According to your experience, what do you think is the best thing a
student can get from the Dinehome experience?

By participating in the Dinehome experience, students can be gifted with many things. During the time spent with the family your speaking ability improves, you get to know more Italians and you get to eat delicious food(most of the time). However, the best part about it is knowing that when you come back to Italy and the time in between that, you have people that care about you and would love to see you the next time you are visiting.


Would you like to share with us the most embarrassing moment?

The most embarrassing moment. That's tough because there were many. However, I would say it was most embarrassing the first time. I barely knew any Italian and probably sounded like I had never studied the language before. I stuttered through many words and made a lot of mistakes.


The best dinner and night with your host family?

The best night I had with my host family feels so real when I call it to mind. My family from the United States was visiting Bologna and my host family agreed to have them over for a dinner altogether. I still remember that night very clearly.  It was a night where two groups that were very dear to me had the opportunity to meet. I cherish that night.